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Social Media Affects on Mental Health - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1107 Downloads: 8 Date added: 2019/04/10 Category Society Essay Level High school Topics: Social Media Essay Did you like this example? With over 2.34 billion users worldwide, social media has readily become a massive platform for a variety of uses such as advertising, entertainment, and communication (Statista, 2018). The number of users is expected to continue to grow to 2.95 billion within the next two years (Statista, 2018). It is reported that North America is the densest with social media usage climbing over a 66 percent and over 80 percent of teenagers use a cell phone on a regular basis (Statista, 2014). Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Social Media Affects on Mental Health" essay for you Create order Daily time consumption through social media is also on the rise going from an average of 96 minutes back in 2012 to 118 minutes in 2016 (Statista, 2014). With the ever growing number of individuals on social media and the daily time spent on it, we question the mental health effects it has on its users. One issue heavily linked to the internet and social media is online bullying; over half of teenagers have been bullied online and half of these individuals have had this occur to them on more than one occasion (Bullyingstatistics, 2015). Around 20 percent of these young people experience cyberbullying regularly, which is no surprise considering 81% of these teens believe that bullying online is easier to get away with than it is doing in person (Bullyingstatistics, 2015). To make matters more complicated only one out of ten victims will ever inform an adult about their abuse (Bullyingstatistics, 2015). The effects of online bullying is rather unfortunate; victims of bullying are two to eight times more likely to consider committing suicide. Apart from direct online bullying, social media was linked to experiencing negative mental health outcomes even with seemingly non harmful usage. Studies showed a less moment to moment happiness and less satisfaction in life (Kross, 2013). It also showed that any comparison made regardless of whether its looking up to or looking down on someone resulted in the individual feeling worse than before they started. There was also a connection made between envy and depression in facebook use and depressive symptoms (Steers, 2014). Social media appears to be a breeding ground for negative feelings regardless of how we feel prior to being on it. Analysis showed that people who reported usage of more than seven platforms had a three times more risk of having depression and anxiety compared to those two had a maximum of two platforms (Zagorski, 2017). In addition, we saw an increase in major depressive episodes from 8.7% in 2005 to 11.3% in 2014 amongst the younger population (Lin, 2016). Its not to say that the internet is the sole reason for this increase in depression, however research proves that it may be a major contributing factor especially since social media has integrated itself as a major part of peoples daily lives. This makes us question what we can do to stop the detrimental effects social media has on individuals. Anxiety is another mental health issue related to social media. Social media anxiety is actually this feeling of stress and distress that is caused by the usage of social media (Walker, 2018). Some causes of this anxiety include juggling multiple social media platforms at once, having a fear of missing out, comparing oneself to others, needing attention and approval from others, and the overall addiction to using the platforms (Zagorski, 2017). A persons addiction to social assurance has shown to activate parts of the brain that are activated when using drugs that cause addiction (Davey, 2016). All of these create a great deal of stress and the amount of time of electronic usage grows along with it. Social media anxiety is also closely related to the more broader term, social anxiety disorder, which is a feeling of stress/distress caused by social interactions or situations (Walker, 2018). People who exhibit symptoms of social anxiety disorder, like fear of being judged, avoiding soc ial interactions, and having low self esteem, may turn to social media use as an alternative to in-person social interaction. This usage can them stem into these mental health issues that weve talked about. Although we see many negative effects of social media use, of course there is a positive side to it as well. Social media can help people who experience loneliness, social isolation, provide motivation, social support, helps strengthen relationships both new and old, and helps us all stay connected whether its for business, family relations, or others (Naruse, 2017). One of the more important pros to social media use is the ability for us to notice signs of other peoples distress and signs of altered mental health (Naruse, 2017). An example of this would be noticing someone posting depressing statuses or pictures and maybe even noticing their vocalizing of suicidal ideations. Social media has become a platform where someone can so easily express their feelings and thoughts and we can actually use this as a way to notice signs of distress. Its also a great way to bring awareness to these problems and getting people involved in preventing things like cyberbullying. An important role we can all partake, especially as nurses, is educating ourselves about signs of mental health distress, cyberbullying, and risk for suicide as a way to aid in this new epidemic in the youth population. We may not be able to stop cyberbullying or prevent this population from using the internet, but providing support to those experiencing the effects of social media and creating a safe environment for them to come to for help and guidance is a great way to prevent youth from advancing to something like suicide. They need to know that it is safe for them to report any signs of altered mental health and safe to report cyber bullies as well. Most importantly, awareness is the key to helping this population. With social media being a relatively new introduction into our society, the negative effects of its usage has become a new problem and evidently, has become an epidemic. Its effects range widely from altered relationships to altered mental health status and risk for suicide. The number of users are growing every year and being that 80% of those are teenagers, we will begin to see more of the youth population related to mental health disorders (Statista, 2014). Social media has become a new cause for disorders and suicide and unless we become more educated on the matter and how we can aid the youth population, the problem will continue to spread. More research and investigation needs to be conducted on this growing prevalence of social media to truly understand the detrimental effects and discover ways to prevent and treat this. What we can do as nurses is provide youth and their families with information needed to make informed decisions about their health and notice any signs of soc ial media effects in not only themselves but their peers as well.

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The Future of Genetic Enhancement Essay - 1090 Words

Genetic enhancement appears to be inevitable since technology is making a rapid turn towards genetic enhancement. Because of this fact, concerns over how beneficial or harmful genetic enhancement would be in the future have arisen. We, as a society, need to analyze both sides and decide for ourselves whether we should support the progression of genetic enhancement or do everything in our power to stall or halt it. Genetic enhancement refers to the use of genetic engineering to modify a person’s nonpathological human traits. This concept is aimed at improving the quality of life of humans. Baylis and Robert suggest that, using genetic enhancement, a person could make a physical alternation like increasing muscle mass or slowing down the†¦show more content†¦Benefits from genetic enhancements are widespread. These benefits are evident in physical, intellectual, psychological, and even moral enhancements. One of these benefits is undesired inherited conditions which can be eliminated through genetic enhancement. Some parents believe they should have the choice of preventing inherited diseases from being passed on from one generation to the next. Most of these parents also want to make informed reproductive choices without outside pressures (Iredale, Longley, Thomas, Shaw, 2006). With this physical enhancement, parents could get rid of all the traits they are concerned about and e nd up with healthy, disease- free children. Baylis and Robert suggest that a physical enhancement that could be considered beneficial is reducing sleep dependence (2004). A procrastinating undergraduate student who needs to study for a final or write a term paper could use this enhancement for their own benefit. Military personnel could have the opportunity to conduct more missions and with better precision if they are not sleep deprived. Surgeons would be able to perform surgeries more frequently and with greater accuracy. As a society, reducing sleep dependence would push us toward accomplishing more and greater objectives that otherwise would be impossible because of the amount of time we spend sleeping. Baylis and Robert also argue that psychological and moral enhancements could be beneficial to our society. With geneticShow MoreRelatedThe Future is Here: Genetic Enhancement Essay1762 Words   |  8 PagesThroughout history, society has always placed value on being bigger, stro nger, and faster by any means necessary to obtain these abilities. In order to obtain these abilities, society use genetic enhancements. A genetic enhancement is the use of genetic engineering to modify an individual’s biological traits; in addition, it is the alteration of genes in an individual’s body. Scientists are able to alter individual’s genotype with the purpose of choosing desired phenotype of a newborn. The processRead MoreThe Ethics of Genetically Enhancing Children Essay1330 Words   |  6 Pagesthe genetic makeup of their offspring makes children seem like a commodity in a genetic free market. Thoughts of a dystopian society like the one in the film â€Å"Gattaca† come to mind. However, taking an immediate repugnant stand against genetic enhancement is not well-founded. A more open-minded inspection of the issue reveals that the idea of parents improving their children’s life prospects through genetic engineering (provided it is safe ) is, at its core, not unethical. In fact, some genetic enhancementRead MoreThe Case Against Perfection by Michael Sandels935 Words   |  4 PagesRecent breakthroughs in the field of genetics and biotechnology have brought attention to the ethical issues surrounding human enhancement. While these breakthroughs have many positive aspects, such as the treatment and prevention of many debilitating diseases and extending human life expectancy well beyond its current limits, there are profound moral implications associated with the ability to manipulate our own nature. Michael Sandel’s â€Å"The Case Against Perfection† examines the ethical and moralRead MoreGenetic Enhancement Should Be A Phenomenal Asset1137 Words   |  5 PagesIn searching for or trying to create the â€Å"perfect† human one turns their attention to genetic enhancement. On one hand genetic enhancement would be a phenomenal asset if it could possibly eradicate some/most/all of the debilitating and/or life-threatening diseases. However, genetic enhancement used merely to achieve a perfect human to accomplish a goal or create a strategic advantage in their future is not ideal. One must understand the distinctions between the two words - perfect human - and understandRead MoreDoes Genetic Enhancements Affect Human Diversity?1412 Words   |  6 PagesThe concern that instances like these will come about if genetic enhancements are allowed in daily practice is not something to take lightly. If certain traits can be decided on beforehand, what is stopping us from trying to get rid of traits the one may consider undesirable, or even less preferable, and completely wiping out a certain trait of human diversity? Even in 2002 there was concern that even the smallest genetic improvement would put us on the slope to eugenics. These are legitimate concernsRead MoreGenetic Enhancements And Environmental Enhancements1012 Words   |  5 PagesAlthough still a very debated subject, gene tic enhancement has been around for many years with the genetic modification of crops. Just this year, researchers from Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou were the first to modify the genomes of human embryos in order to find a way to eliminate genetic diseases. The researchers used the gene editing technique CRISPR/Cas9, which, in layman’s terms, cuts out the bad genes and replaces the gaps with healthy genes. While this is a major scientific advancementRead MoreWhat Makes Us Human Genome? Essay1427 Words   |  6 Pagesbiological discovery meant for the future of humanity. Thirteen years ago, news sources buzzed with hot-topic articles warning us of designer babies and man-made crops. Based on the frantic journalistic climate of the time, one might think us normal people would soon be replaced by post-humans. To find crude evidence for the decade’s excitement (or disdain) for the upcoming human genetics revolution, one needs only check google search trends for wor ds like ‘genetic enhancement’ or ‘designer baby.’ InterestRead MoreHuman Enhancement Should Be Discontinued1627 Words   |  7 Pagesthey think a perfect baby should be. Genetic Engineering or known to the public as designer babies is a term used to describe the use of technology to modify embryos and choose specific traits that parents want for their newborn. Using this new advance in science should bring concern amongst the people; as efforts to create human perfection can lead to recreating the same ideals and standards of Hitler’s principles of perfect looking human being. Human Enhancement should be discontinued because is notRead MoreInsight Into the Past and Present with Science Fiction 0.4 by Mike Lancester574 Words   |  3 Pagessubsequent consequences in the future. 0.4 by Mike Lancester is a science fiction text which evidently represents the discrimination inflicted upon the ‘inferior’ races by the more ‘superiorâ⠂¬â„¢ races. As this aspect of discrimination has occurred in the past, such as the racism faced by Aboriginal people, Lancester gives us an insight into the past of humanity. Furthermore, by exploring the possibility of social hierarchy in the near future due to genetic enhancements, 0.4 provides an insight into Lancester’sRead MoreThe Case Against Perfection By Michael J. Sandel1358 Words   |  6 Pagesrevolution that leads to the most controversial idea; genetic engineering of humans. When science technology grows exponentially faster than moral understanding, therein lies the argument between these two aspects. One can argue that genetic engineering is some sort of vast achievement in technology especially in this modern era whereby people live in full of access. However, if we look closely at the impact of this technology towards human beings, genetic engineering has many flaws and ramifications that

Crimminal Defense Lawyers Free Essays

A stable career is what one always strives for but actually selecting one is quite the obstacle. When I was younger my mind was flowing with ideas and different possibilities. As time went on, I realized that with my certain talents and abilities I would most likely excel in the field of law and more specifically as a criminal defense attorney. We will write a custom essay sample on Crimminal Defense Lawyers or any similar topic only for you Order Now Naturally I’m an argumentative person who enjoys standing up for myself and others; the fact that the pay is exceptional only gives me more of a reason to pursue the career.Although I know that schooling will take a large amount of time in my early years, The pay is great, and what I have to do on a daily basis is something that will make me feel satisfied at the end of every day. Becoming criminal defense attorney I feel like my aspirations in life will be complete, career wise. The steps toward any career are long and extremely important. The first step toward this career is accomplishing a bachelor’s degree of four years in any field.A potential criminal lawyer may benefit from classes in government, history, economics, public speaking or sociology, but it is up to you if you want to become a double major accomplisher. It’s in my best interest to complete my Bachelor’s degree with high grades. After doing research I realized my studies did not end there. After earning a bachelor’s degree I must apply to, and attend, a law school accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) or their states bar authorities.Admission requirements typically include high Law School Admission Test (LSAT) scores, undergraduate transcripts, work experience, letters of recommendation and a personal interview. Gomez 2 Once enrolled in a law school, students complete a 3-year program that combines core courses, specialized courses in criminal law and practical experience; many programs also include internships. Criminal law classes typically cover research and writing for criminal law, working with evidence, litigation strategies and ethics in criminal law. Most programs also require students to fulfill writing, general ethics and professionalism requirements as well. Upon completion, law school graduates receive a Juris Doctor (J. D. ) and are eligible to take the state bar exam. Lawyers are required to pass the bar exam before practicing law. Bar examinations are administered by individual state agencies and only license the individual within that state. The test is given nationwide twice a year. Students must typically pass a character evaluation and background test before being granted admission to the bar. While in law school, prospective criminal lawyers should take advantage of any clinical programs and training opportunities available.A clinical program allows students to work in the law school’s legal clinic and provide free legal advice and services to other students, under the supervision of the program professor. Although the path ahead of me is fairly long, I have the determination and ambition to keep striving what I would love to do for the rest of my life. Money does not buy happiness nor does it take away sadness. But in the field of Law the pay is great. Financially awarding I would be receiving anywhere from 87 thousand to 150 thousand yearly in the state of Florida.The money I would be earning I would use to help my family move forward and succeed. Now with the unemployment issues and the lack of company’s hiring, many households have gone to waste. With the money I would be earning I would also move to different states where the pay is far larger and I cud also help out not only Gomez 3 people with in my state but out of state as well. Although this has it disadvantages because I would have to take the BAR exam in whatever state I would like to move into and re-certify in the state I’m currently living in.As long as I financially administer my money correctly I won’t be facing serious problems with Bankrupt. The award I would receive from helping others leave large problems that occur in their lives and give them the sense of freedom is far more rewarding in my eyes then actually living in a big house. As a criminal defense attorney I aspire to be the golden resource people in my community long for to help them. With all the year of experience I will be training for in school, and everything I will be lea rning will all be put to the test in the real world. I am determined to excel in my fullest potential to receive the upmost grades to be sure I am fully qualified for everything that I have to do. As a criminal lawyer I will specifically be helping people who have made mistakes. Whether they have been charged with DUI, Driving with a Suspended License, Assault Battery, Domestic Violence, Drug Offenses, Theft Offenses, Probation Violations, Violent Crimes, or any other Felony or Misdemeanor. As a criminal defense lawyer I am passionate about the ability to zealously defend each and every client. I strive to provide legal representation as people go through difficult times in their life.Helping others with their problems has always been a dream in my life. Becoming a criminal defense attorney gives me the right with my ability to force a smile on peoples faces that are in need. The schooling will take a lot of hard work but in the end will pay off. The money I would be receiving yearly as my salary will in a way refund my hard work all year and also make me smile. With out a doubt the satisfaction of being just one phone call away for Gomez 4 people in distress gives me the sense of comfort every night that I have accomplished my ultimate goal in my life. How to cite Crimminal Defense Lawyers, Papers

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Preparation of 1 Bromobutane Essay Example

Preparation of 1 Bromobutane Paper The aim of the experiment is to produce 1 Bromobutane, an alkane within the bromine group on the terminal group.Chemical SafetyChemicalHazardsSafety measuresSodium BromideNo hazardsNoneButan 1 olHarmful vapour, in liquid state chemical is harmful to skin, can be absorbed and cause internal damage. Flammable.Wear goggles and gloves.If spilled ventilate area and wash contact area.Sulphuric AcidVery Corrosive to eyes, skin and materials.Wear gloves and goggles.For large spillage spread sodium carbonate on spill and wash with waterIf contact with skin occurs wash with water.Sodium HydroxideCorrosive.Skin contact harmful.Solution can cause burns.Very dangerous to eyes.Wear cloves and goggles.If contact with skin or eyes occurs wash thoroughly with water.DiagramMethod* Set the equipment up as shown above (picture 1)* Dissolve 8g of sodium bromide in 10cm3 of pure water and stir to create a homologous solution* Add the sodium bromide to 7 cm3 of butan-1-ol in a 50 cm3 pear shaped flask. To this then add 10 cm3 of concentrated sulphuric acid 1 cm3 at a time.* Mix the solution together by swirling the beaker and then cool under a running tap.* Attach the pear shaped flask to the remainder of the set up equipment and heat until the contents are boiling gently. To prevent over heating use a small Bunsen burner and a gauze.(N.b As the gas given of at this stage of the reaction is hydrogen bromide the experiment must either be carried out in a fume cupboard)* Reflux the solution for half an hour and then re-set the equipment up for direct distillation as shown above (picture B).* Distil the liquid in the flask using a small Bunsen burner. When no more oily drops are obtained stop the distillation. Do not distil the liquid to dryness for the saftey reasons outlined in the hazards table above.* Leave the distillate to settle into two layers, an upper aqueous layer and a lower alkyl bromide layer.* Separate the layers with a separating funnel, discarding the top layer.* Th is leaves the alkyl bromide layer, which is still full of impurities. These include unchanged butan 1 ol, water, hydrogen bromide, bromine and sulphur dioxide.* To purify the alkyl bromide layer transfer the liquid into a separating funnel. Mix the compound with 10 cm3 of pure water, again leave the solution to settle and separate the two layers.* Now mix the bottom layer with 10 cm3 of 2 molar sodium hydroxide. This is to remove the acidic impurities and bromine.* Once the solution has settled run the bottom layer of the solution off into a dry conical flask, and add several pieces of anhydrous calcium chloride.* The liquid will turn cloudy due to the suspended droplets of water. To get rid of these allow the liquid to dry for about ten minutes, swirling the flask occasionally until the liquid becomes clear.* When clear filter the liquid through cotton wool into another clear dry 50 cm3 pear-shaped flask. Add a small amount of powdered pumice and distil, collecting the 1 bromobu tane that will boil of between 99à ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½C and 103à ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½C. This will produce a yield of about 7g or 5.5 cm3, which is 65% of the theoretical yield.EquationC4H9OH + NaBr + H2SO4 = C4H9Br + NaHSO4 + H2OMechanismThe first stage of the reaction the sodium bromide reacts with sulphuric acid and forms hydrogen bromide and sodium hydrogen sulphate:NaBr + H2SO4 = HBr + NaHSO4The hydrogen bromide is then oxidised to bromine molecules due to the fact that concentrated sulphuric acid is a very good oxidising agent. The sulphuric acid reacts to form sulphur dioxide gas:HBr + H2SO4 Br2 + 2SO2 (g)During the next stage of the reaction the hydrogen bromide dissociates and the bromide ion from it attacks the Carbon atom with the -OH function group in Butan-1-ol and displaces the -OH function group forming a bromo function group and a hydroxide ion. This bromo group then associates itself with another H+ ion to form water:CH3CH2CH2CH2OH + Br- CH3CH2CH2CH2Br + OH-In the final stage a molec ule of sulphuric acid attacks the lone pair on an -OH function group. This releases a molecule of water, and a mixture of Butoxybutane and But-1-ene is formed, along with the regenerated Sulphuric Acid:CH3CH2CH2CH2OH + H2SO4 CH3CH2CH=CH2 + H2O + H2SO4or2 CH3CH2CH2CH2OH + H2SO4 CH3(CH2)3O(CH2)3CH3 + H2O + H2SO4ResultsMass of NaBr in pot = 11.47gMass of pot = 3.49gMass of Sodium Bromide = 7.98gMass of collecting beaker = 54.25gMass of distillation and beaker = 58.47gMass of 1 bromobutane collected = 4.22gYield ObtainedTheoretical yield = (moles of limiting reagent)(stoichiometric ratio; desired product/limiting reagent)(Mr of desired product)= (0.0941 mole)(1 mole / 1 mole)(137.03g/ mole)= 12.9gActual mass gained = 4.22gTherefore actual yield = (Actual yield / Theoretical yield) x 100= (4.22/12.9) x 100= 32.7%ConclusionFrom my experiment I have found out that the practical yield of 1 bromobutane when made from butan 1 ol, is a lot lower than the theoretical yield, which was stated in a textbook. This difference in yields could be caused by several reasons most of which are down to human error. The first of these human errors could have occurred whilst the liquids were being decanted from one another, at this stage some of the 1 bromobutane may have been left in the beaker and discarded as to keep the amount of impurities in the flask to a minimum. Another human error, which may have caused a lower yield, would be during direct distillation where the temperature may not have been kept between 99 and 103?c. This would have reduced the yield as the chemicals collected would not be pure and therefore the yield would not be as large. A final human error may have occurred whilst waiting for the substance to dry after the anhydrous calcium chloride has been added, this would have caused a reduced yield as again the substance which was final distilled would have been less pure. Therefore the amount of 1 bromobutane boiled off between the fractions would have been lo wer than in the theoretical experiment.Another reason that the yield may have been lower other than human error would have been any impurities within the solutions, if these impurities did occur then the boiling temperatures of the substances might have been altered. This would effect the amount of substance that is collected in a fraction temperature range and have an overall effect on the final yield. A final reason the practical yield may have been smaller than the theoretical yield is that the reactants may not have been mixed together at optimum conditions, which would reduce the rate of reaction and therefore reduce the final yield.When running the experiment two changes were made, the first was that instead of using potassium bromide as first planned sodium bromide was used. This is because sodium bromide was easier to get a hold of and was more likely to give a decent yield of 1 bromobutane at the end of the experiment. Another change that was made was that at the first dist illation, instead of waiting for all the oily drops to fall the only fraction collected was that which boiled of between 99 to 103?c, the boiling point of 1 bromobutane. This increased the accuracy of the experiment as instead of using qualitative information to decide when to stop distilling the liquid we were using quantitative, making the distil more accurate.Overall however the experiment produced a decent yield of bromobutane even though it was not as high as that worked out in the theoretical experiment.EvaluationOverall I feel that the experiment went well as the final yield produced was at least half of the theoretical yield. However there were a few sources of error and these have been highlighted in the conclusion.There are several ways that some of these problems could have been eradicated, and therefore the final yield would have been even greater. One of the easiest problems would have been to use sensors during distillation to record the temperature this would mean tha t fewer impurities would have been boiled off by accident. Also by setting up the experiment so it was easier to change between conical flasks would reduce that amount of distil which was missed during the change over. Another improvement to increase the yield would be to run the experiment at optimum conditions, which would promote a faster rate of reaction due to more collisions occurring and therefore more products being formed and a higher yield being collected.A final improvement to gain a higher yield would be to have allowed the solution to dry for longer this again would cut out some more impurities and therefore increase the yield. This was not done during the actual exam as time was running out and instead of letting the solution settle and then filter out the solid, the solution was allowed to settle and then the clear layers were removed and placed into the pear shaped flask using a pipette.Even though there were some areas in which the experiment could have been improve d I feel that the experiment went to a decent degree of accuracy and this is shown by the fact that I got quite a large percent of the theoretical yield in my practical yield.

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Essay on An Inspector Calls by J B Priestley Essays

Essay on An Inspector Calls by J B Priestley Essays Essay on An Inspector Calls by J B Priestley Essay Essay on An Inspector Calls by J B Priestley Essay Essay Topic: Literature An Inspector calls, by J. B. Priestley was written in 1946 and set in 1912. Priestley was a politician and a socialist who believed in equality and equilibrium for all, sex, race and class. Priestley had a long but arduous life, 1894-1984. He lived through both world wars, the unsinkable Titanic sank in 1912, the general strike in 1926, labour government resigning in 1931, and the two destructive atom bombs dropped on Japan in 1945. Priestley deliberately set the play in 1912 because the audience watching the play had to have lived through all of this and would have empathised with him. Priestly tried to put his non-capitalist views across to the public through different mediums giving 10 minute radio broadcasts and writing articles in the news papers, however using these means, he could never be sure of his audience. He couldnt know if they were paying their full attention listening, or if they were just skimming his articles or even if they were being read or listened. Hence Priestley decided to use the theatre for his plays, where he had the full undisrupted attention of his audience. An Inspector calls, is a play which highlights the importance and relevance of equality and social respect in the community, the story is interesting and gripping with a twist. Priestley is trying to show us how a moneyed, status freak middle class family of the Edwardian Society of 1912 acted, upon their values and their morals. The mysterious Inspector Goole reveals by his interrogation how all of the different Birling family members contributed to the suicide of a low classed, unsupported, innocent, young girl, Eva Smith, and how they have all, in their own shameful way, let her down and killed her through a chain of events. Priestley shows us how these different family members react in different ways and learn different lessons from their experience. Inspector Goole is believed to be the voice and substitute of J. B. Priestley. Inspector Goole in many ways is a regular and ordinary police man but in some ways his personality and behaviour is very mysterious. The Inspector uses various dramatic and purposeful methods of solving this case, some are normal, and some are odd. His name sounds like ghoul, his body language and physical presence, his sarcastic, dramatic, repetitive and suspenseful way of speech, his different attitudes and behaviour to different characters, his moral speeches, his tactics of solving the case, his timing, of speech, entry and exit to the play, his impression on youngsters and the way he behaves like a catalyst, splitting the family in half, all are very peculiar, thus creating drama and tensions. The Inspectors timing of speech, entry and exit to the play is crucial in how the Inspector creates drama. The Inspector entered to interrogate the Birling family of a beautiful girl, Eva Smiths suicide; he entered while the Birlings were happily celebrating their daughters engagement to a rich man, Gerald Croft, ironically the Inspectors interrogation lead for that prosperous day to turn sour and horrid just like Evas life. The Inspectors entry to the play was very Ironic, as Mr Birling selfishly said, man has to mind his own business and look after himself and his own-and-, the Inspectors call stopped Birling from saying any further of his speech and the irony is that the Inspector carries on stopping Birling from his methods throughout the rest of the play, making the play engrossing and exciting. The timing of the Inspectors exit was too very engrossing. He left after interrogating all the family, delivering a few moral speeches but most importantly before the final phone call a rrived and before Gerald returned. I know it wasnt coincidence because of this quote, my trouble is I havent much time, and because at first he was patient and always in control but as his exit neared he grew more and more anxious and edgy, Im loosing all patients with you people I warn you, showing the Inspector was aware of Geralds crucial return and the phone call. The Inspectors timing of speech also creates drama and suspense; as he enters, the stage directions describe his way of speech as, carefully and weightily. This method creates drama throughout the play. An example of this is when the Inspector purposely revealed Eva Smiths name slowly, her original name her real name was Eva Smith, creating suspense and inpatients among the characters and audience. Inspector Goole used various tactics of unravelling this case; many were normal however some were very odd. One ordinary and sensible tactic the Inspector employed, One person and one line of inquiry at a time. This showed the Inspectors sophistication, and his control of the plan and situation. Another ordinary ploy he applied was his clever usage of questions, Its my duty to ask questions, showing the Inspector fully made use of his badge and was aware of the job he needed to do, hence creating drama and a sense of fright among the characters. The Inspector chose to solve this case in a peculiar order. He began solving this case in an ordinary fashion, chronological order. However then in methodical order skipping Erics crime and purposely moving onto Mrs Birlings crime because of another unusual tactic Inspector Goole conducts while interviewing a character. He lets them talk big of them selves (usually in opposite or against the crime theyve committed), building up a wall that is sure to be knocked down, so when he reveals their crime its harder to bear, therefore creating drama. An example of this is when the Inspector was interviewing Mrs Birling; I blame the young man who was the father of the child entirely responsible he shouldnt escape made an example of the girls death is due to him dealt with very severely onfess in public his responsibility, these two tactics combined, made it far more difficult for Mrs Birling to bear Erics crime and it created more suspense, drama, tension and sympathy for Eric. Throughout the play the Inspector spoke influentially, carefully and critically. He purposely used different tones of voice for more effects, repetition to allow you to zoom in listening to the most important part of the speech, sarcasm, and ambiguity both for criticism. The Inspector had an annoying but suspenseful habit of answering questions, ambiguously, partly or with another question, this was immediately proven when he entered and Mr. Birling narrow-mindedly asked, Some trouble about a warrant. The Inspector replied, No, but he still did not reveal his reason for being there, causing impatiens and suspense among the characters and the audience. The Inspector did this again when Gerald asked, Any reason why I shouldnt see this hotograph, the Inspector replies with a part answer, There might be, creating drama and suspense. Another example of this was when Mrs. Birling said, She was claiming feelings and scruples that were absurd in a girl in her position. The Inspector replied ambiguously, Her position now is that she lies with a burnt-out inside on a slab, this is a very powerful and critical sentence creating drama and a sense of fear among the characters and audience. The Inspectors tone of voice revealed a lot throughout the play, when the Inspector found out Gerald was going to marry Sheila, the Inspector gravely said, Then Id prefer you to stay. The audience would immediately notice the Inspectors quote, especially Then, because Gerald was going to marry Sheila he must stay, this conveyed there might be something fatal to happen between their engagement, this was concluded by the gravely, grimily and sternly tone of the Inspector, thus creating and maintaining drama. When Birling proudly said he plays golf with the chief inspector, the Inspector dryly, said, I dont play golf, understating and ignoring Birlings relation with the chief inspector. This shows the Inspector isnt corrupt and will not budge, not even for the chief inspector, creating drama, suspense, and making the Birlings and Gerald very anxious. Repetition in language and speech allows you to zoom in and notice the most important and relevant part of the speech. The Inspector used repetition for this very purpose when Sheila asked a simple question, was Eva Smith Pretty? The Inspector replied repeating, she had been pretty very pretty, making the audience concentrate back on Sheilas unnoticed question and trigging questions in their minds of why the Inspector chose to answer in this dramatic and suspenseful way. Finally, the Inspectors sarcastic language was also very dramatic. When Mrs Birling was narrow-mindedly and triumphantly pinning all the blame onto the father of Eva Smiths baby, not knowing it was Eric, the Inspector sarcastically said, Dont worry I shall do my duty, making the audience curious and causing them to sit on the edge of their seats. The Inspector then continued this sarcasm by repeating word for word Mrs Birlings punishment upon the father of Eva Smiths child, No hushing make an example public confession of responsibility, eh, maintaining the drama and irony. Body language can reveal a lot and is just as meaningful as vocal language, if not more. A body and facial expression can mean more than a hundred words. I studied this play in writing so I couldnt see how the Inspector used body language. However the plays directions allows me to imagine and illustrate the Inspectors movements. One example was when Birling was showed the photograph of Eva Smith; he stared at the photo with recognition. He then attempted to ignore the situation and diverted his concentration onto Eric, Youve had enough of that port, Eric. However the Inspector was fully aware of Birinlgs sly movements and is watching Birling and now Birling notices him, The Inspector allows Birling to know hes being watched. I know this because when Birling noticed the Inspector, the Inspector still kept on looking at him, letting Birling and the audience know the Inspector was aware of Birlings crime. This one movement causes a lot of tensions and drama. After convicting Birling of his crime, Birling and Gerald tried to get rid of the Inspector, Its what happened since she left Mr. Birlings works that is important Obviously And we cant help you there because we dont know. The Inspector replied Are you sure you dont know. He looks at Gerald, then at Eric, then at Sheila. Implying at least one of them were guilty of some sin related to Eva, causing the three of them to feel uneasy, and making the play engrossing and suspenseful. The last example is when the Inspector revealed that Eva Smith changed her name to Daisy Renton. Gerald was clearly guilty of something when he anxiously said, What? Knowing this the Inspector intentionally left the room to go and meet Birling; on his way out, the Inspector loo ks from Sheila to Gerald, showing the Inspector recognized that Sheila knows too of Geralds crime. The Inspector let them talk about it because it would be intriguing for the audience to see if Gerald can live with the guilt and continue trying to put a sheet over his crimes and lies, after Sheila had interrogated him, thus causing suspense, irony and drama. Even though Inspector Goole entered the Birling home as an Inspector, his actions and behaviour conveyed he was much more than that. He was always trying to influence and change the ways of the moneyed and status-freak Birlings and Gerald. He always gave moral speeches; he tried to show them how and why they were wrong and what they could do to prevent this misshapen again. However they all didnt take a shine from the Inspector; it was always the youngsters who were influenced, which lead to a split in the family. The Inspector knew this, young ones more impressionable. Inspector Goole always preserved Eva Smith and people from the lower classes as the victims. He gave moral speeches to the Birlings to make them empathise with these not so fortunate humans. It would do us all a bit of good if we tried to put ourselves in the place of these women counting pennies in dingy little edrooms, Another speech, If theres nothing else, well have to share our guilt, and Public men, Mr Birling, have responsibilities as well as privileges. All of these speeches were also meant for the audience which makes the play very involving and engrossing. The Inspector delivered the most important speech just before his exit, in Act three. At the climax of the play, time was running out for the Inspector, he had interrogated everyone, the speech, central to the themes of the play and he was the centre of attention. The Inspector is a substitute for Priestley as he spoke like a politician, shared socialist views and began summing up the evening like a judge. He begun with an imperative, But just remember this, grabbing the attention of the characters and audience. He spoke of their being millions and millions and millions of Eva Smiths, explaining to the characters and audience that to never make these mistakes again, and that there are many more unfortunate humans who affect us, who we can be a help to. He used repletion to make the speech meaningful, We dont live alone. We are one body. We are responsible for each other. Also these are short sentences for slowing down the pace and creating an uncomfortable pause, therefore making the speech more effective and dramatic. He spoke in threes, to make it engrossing and persuasive, think and say and do their lives, their hopes and fears fire and blood and anguish. The Inspector used irony in fire blood anguish as terms for war, making the audience empathise with the Inspector and persuade them to change their ways because they have too lived through both World Wars. The Inspector slowed down his speech for maximum impact by using and 10 times, using dash, commas, and lots of sentences. He spoke in an instructive and political tone of voice, for full purpose. All in all these tactics made this final speech far more effective, dramatic and empathetic. The Inspector tried to revolutionize and better the self-esteemed and arrogant thoughts of the Birlings and Gerald; consequently he behaved like a catalyst in the family, creating a split between youngsters and elders. Sheila splits with Gerald and Sheila and Eric contradict views with Birling and Mrs Birling, If you had any sense of loyalty, Birling says to Sheila. The dramatic irony was that the Inspector knew what hed done, When Ive gone adjust your family relationships, consequently creating drama. Before the Inspector arrived, Sheila conveyed to be a spoilt and proud child, speaking (with mock aggressiveness) however, when the Inspector arrived with his persuasive attitude, Sheila became a new reformed character, But these girls arent cheap labour theyre people. Sheila did not only become a new person, she began to understand the Inspector psychically, his attitude, his tactics, his angle on life and his objective to better society. For example, when Gerald was told Eva changed her name to Daisy Renton, he completely gave himself away, but only the Inspector and Sheila noticed, You gave yourself away as soon as he mentioned her other name. Another example is when Mrs Birling was giving advice on how to punish the father of Evas child, not knowing it was her own son Eric but Sheila immediately recognized the Inspector manipulative approach, Mother stop stop ont you see. One very important tactic Sheila noticed, was how the Inspector left you speaking big of yourselves, (usually in opposite to the crime which is revealed), building a wall that is sure to be knocked down flat makes it all the harder to bear, Sheila explained to her mother. All these examples add to the drama. When the family found out that the Inspector was a hoax, the elders started acting as if nothing had happened and they didnt commit the crimes they had confessed to, They just wont try to understand he difference between this coming out in private and a downright public scandal. However the youth were so influenced Eric tried to explain to the elders the reality of what they all had done, Whoever the chap was, the fact remains that I did whatever I did and the rest of you did what you did to her, Sheila agreed, Thats just what I feel, Eric, maintaining drama, even after the Inspector had left. Many aspects of the Inspector were very peculiar, however none more questionable than his name, G-o-o-l-e, which I believe is just a pun and witticism for ghoul, meaning, A person morbidly interested in death; of a strict nature; likes evil; or a sort of ghost, spirit, spectre or phantom. All these meanings refer and associate to the Inspector in individual ways. The Inspector did enter the Birlings interested in the death of Eva Smith, Id like some information a young women died. The Inspectors behaviour towards the Birlings was very crude and austere as he desperately tried to resolve the suicide. One severe approach he used was his harsh questioning of Mrs. Birling, No hushing make an example of the young man Public confession of responsibility eh? as he deliberately let her speak of her own son, Eric. Finally, for me the Inspector was very much like a spirit and a ghost, because when Eric left the house, everyone thought Gerald had returned expect for the Inspector, Unless your son has just gone out, and he repeated this psychiatric behaviour again when Eric returned, Inspector holds up a hand then We hear the front door and then Eric enters. The last example of the Inspectors ghostly actions was when he amazingly knew that Gerald would return encompassing the knowledge of the Inspector being a hoax, I havent much time, and he left before Gerald returned. J. B. Priestly as a socialist and politician felt the need to enhance society and the way humans behaved towards each other and his ambition was upheld very well in An Inspector calls. His clever tactic of setting the play in 1912 rather than his own present time 1946 caused much more empathy, drama and had more effect on the audience. Between these times the audience would have seen both World Wars, Titanic sinking, and the general strike, hence the behaviour of the Birlings and Gerald before these wretched times would have made the audience upset and initiate them to realize the little change of their present behaviour and what effect this could cause again. The audience would have been from the richer classes and would have entered the theatre to watch a mystery murder thriller but in fact the play is more of a moral lesson for the audience, showing our societys weaknesses of how we mistreat people from the poorer classes and the weaker sex. Inspector Goole exploits the seven deadly sins which the Birlings and Gerald commit; pride, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony, avarice and sloth towards Eva Smith, an innocent, poor young woman, and their sins are concluded in the most brutal chastisement, the death of Eva. Mr. Birling and Mrs. Birling are Priestleys example of uncivilised infidels with one ambition; to save their own necks, money, and to blank out all the bad aspects of life which do not concern them. Birling initiates the sins by throwing Eva out of her job for merely asking for a well-deserved pay rise. Mr. Birling is a hard-hearted, narcissistic, arrogant and recognisable capitalist. He is highly conceited and believes whatever he says is unquestionably true. Mrs Birling is more hard-hearted than her husband; she works at the charity council, not because she wants to help the poor, but because she wants to feel more superior to the lower classes. She received Evas case at the charity organisation and admitted being prejudice towards her case. Later she maliciously pinned all the blame onto the father of Evas child. However when she found out this morbid business regarded her son, she began to disagree with her previous prominent views. She is fully aware of her social status, and uses this to gain whatever she wants and shows little consideration for her subordinates. Priestley shows how the both of these disgraceful and egotistical parents refuse to accept theyre wrong and refuse to change their immoral, discourteous, shameful, and unacceptable ways. Sheila and Eric are the trophies of Priestly. They both commit great wrong but the Inspector helps them to realise their mistake. They try to change their old wanton actions and learn from their experience. Both had so greatly changed from the beginning of the evening; they extensively tried to influence and convert the egocentric ideas of their parents. This was Priestleys ambition, not to only see the audience leave changed but for the audience to influence others to change. I think Inspector Goole is the perfect mouthpiece for Priestley. The Inspector shares Priestleys non-capitalist and socialist views. If any other character had played the Inspector, Priesleys ambition would have been unsuccessful because an Inspector has the right to interrogate, question, influence and criticise one in his or hers own time and home. The Inspector is very persuasive, manipulative and intelligent. He has a good intellect, uses various clever tactics for solving the case and influencing the characters and the audience. Personally the Inspector had a great affect on me and Im sure he would have the same impact on the rest of the audience. Throughout the play the Inspectors ploys, attitude and behaviour created and maintained a lot of drama and made the drama exciting and engrossing. The moral of the play is to treat everyone, whether theyre poor, of a different gender, of a different race, or diverse to you with equal respect. Be polite, modest and generous towards all humans even if they are a complete stranger. Never judge people by their first expression and be prejudice. Never be stereotype. Never discriminate.

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Robert Burns Quotes

Robert Burns Quotes Recognized as one of the greatest Scottish writers of all time, Robert Burns had a great deal to say. He was born in 1759 and is perhaps the most well-known Scots language poet. However much of his poetry was also written in English, which often included the bluntest of his harsh political commentary. His English writing often included Scottish dialects. He was a charismatic pioneer of the Romantics literary movement. His most famous work is Auld Lang Syne which is sung in many countries at the stroke of Midnight on New Years Eve to help usher in the new year. Burns claims to have transcribed the folk song from an old man whod had the song passed on to him.   Political Robert Burns Quote While Europes eye is fixd on mighty things, The fate of empires and the fall of kings; While quacks of State must each produce his plan, And even children lisp the Rights of Man; Amid this mighty fuss just let me mention, The Rights of Woman merit some attention. Inspirational Quotes Dare to be honest and fear no labor. Firmness in enduring and exertion is a character I always wish to possess. I have always despised the whining yelp of complaint and cowardly resolve. His locked, lettered, braw brass collar, Shewed him the gentleman and scholar. Libertys in every blow! Let us do or die. Mans inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn! Nae man can tether time or tide. Nursing her wrath to keep it warm. Prudent, cautious self-control is wisdoms root. Suspense is worse than disappointment. There is no such uncertainty as a sure thing. Nature Quotes The daisys for simplicity and unaffected air. The snowdrop and primrose our woodlands adorn, and violets bathe in the wet o the morn. Companionship Quotes The wide world is all before us - but a world without a friend. To liken them to your auld- warld squad, I must needs say comparisons are odd. Afflictions sons are brothers in distress; A brother to relieve, how exquisite the bliss! Ah, gentle dames! it gars we greet, To think how mony consels sweet, How mony lengthened, sage advices, The husband frae the wife despises. And may you better reck the rede, than ever did th adviser. And there begins a lang digression about the lords o the creation.

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The Films of Alfred Hitchcock Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Films of Alfred Hitchcock - Essay Example As with the lipstick-stained handkerchief, the articles in Rebecca’s bedroom provide an ominous presentation of her lingering presence in Cornwall. Here, Rebecca’s room space depicts that her presence is represented in her bedroom. Because of this, the new Mrs. de Winter is overwhelmed by the sheer strength of Rebecca’s spirit, as she cannot escape her signs whenever she turns in the house (8). The continuous remain of Rebecca’s presence overwhelms her, thus believing that her husband is still in love with Rebecca. Even Mrs. Danvers suggests that Rebecca wanders the hall of the apartment and watches the second wife when she is with Maxim. These mansion settings turn into haunted houses since the inhabitants are preyed upon, stalked, and often eventually killed in them. In Notorious (1946), Hitchcock explores the meanings of familiar domestic and architectural spaces. Observe, for example, what the film is doing with the balcony in the apartment scenes. Initially, the balcony provides a view for which back-projected picture-postcard of exotic romance; subsequently, it virtually disappears, dissolves, as we draw towards, gets absorbed in the lovers. In other words, Hitchcock depicts that it is a private space, a place for intimacy (Brandt 13). Later, the balcony is represented as cold and dark as well as airy. It mirrors the mismatches and distances between the characters as they squabble. In Alicia’s apartment in the first scene is the perfect, blissful moment of love. The space of the apartment is depicted as everything in it. Starting from the level of staging, cutting, framing, and lighting. It creates that sense and sensation of perfect union, which is of the oneness of the lovers (Brandt 13). Both the outer and inner parts of the house are joined, opening in one continuous strip of space that is bound by a firm sensual luminosity. In the film, Psycho (1960), Hitchcock